Radio Fmascri

If you had troubles with play this radio in mobiles like telephones, try to rotate the screen horizontally or use the “pc mode” (Chrome).
An’other simple alternative is use the site simplified made for mobiles or channel by channel in the main menu.

This is the main page of the Fmascri webradio, with the 4 centralized channels, which can be acessed  even from their appropriate sites.

Now Playing:

We have been streaming since 2013, today with 4 different channels and styles, 24 hours a day, good songs.
Just choose a channel, press play and have fun! If you find any trouble to hear, access the page ‘channels’ inside this site and choose other alternatives.

Here the link to access our mp3 playlist to listen in you preferred alternate player. We recommend also, VLC for PC (all systems) and/or Servestream for Android, (light, stable and “fully  version compatibile”)


Thank you for the audience!